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Frequently Asked Questions About Personal Injury Law

When selecting an attorney or pursuing a personal injury claim, many clients have important questions. Below are answers to some of these questions.

Every injury case is different. For answers to your specific situation, reach out to Kuveikis Law, P.C., to arrange a free initial consultation.

How much does it cost to hire Kuveikis Law?

There is no initial fee or deposit required to hire Kuveikis Law, P.C., for your personal injury claim. We always offers a free consultation to determine if we can help. If you hire us, we get paid only when we settle the claim with the insurance company or win a verdict at trial. The details of the financial agreement are set forth in the attorney/client agreement.

What is the difference between legal fees and legal costs?

The legal fee is the amount we charge when we settle the claim with the insurance company or win a verdict at trial. Legal costs are those costs that are incurred in handling your claim or filing a lawsuit. These costs can include charges for medical records, postage, filing fees and other litigation costs.

I’ve been in a car crash. What do I do?

As soon as possible after a motor vehicle collision, take photos of the property damage to all vehicles involved in the scene and injuries if visible. Exchange information with the other driver but do not discuss who is to blame. If you have been injured, do not hesitate to get medical treatment, via ambulance or a visit to the emergency room. Once you have been released from the hospital, contact your own auto insurance company and notify them of the crash.

What do I do if the other driver’s insurance company calls me and wants to do a ‘recorded statement’?

Do not give a recorded statement to the other driver’s insurance company. Politely tell them that you need to speak with your attorney first and take down their name, phone number and claim number. We will handle all communication with the insurance company.

What if I was partly at fault for my auto accident?

Sometimes both drivers contributed to a collision. For example, one was speeding and the other ran a red light. Under Georgia’s comparative negligence law, you could still collect partial compensation as long as you are less than 50% to blame. For example, if you were found to be 25% at fault, your damages would be reduced by that percentage. You should never assume that you were at fault or mostly at fault. The other driver may have been distracted or otherwise negligent.

What damages apply in a personal injury lawsuit?

You are entitled to compensation for your economic damages: hospital bills, medical equipment and medications, lost wages while you were off work. You should also be compensated for projected expenses or losses such as future medical care or diminished earning capacity. Lastly, you can also seek compensation for your pain and suffering, and for any permanent disfigurement or disability.

Will I have to go to court?

The large majority of personal injury cases are eventually settled out of court, but you want a lawyer who has actual trial experience. At Kuveikis Law, we prepare as if we will have to try the case. That “homework” coupled with our courtroom reputation puts you in a stronger negotiating position even if your case never goes to a jury.

What Else Do You Have Questions About?

When we say “Oh no, call Joe!” we literally mean that you will talk to me, Joe Kuveikis. In your free consultation, I will personally answer your questions and I handle every facet of your injury case from start to finish.